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Sleep is a welcome gadget in our head-bind hood.
Wed Oct 1


Write a piece about a historical figure starting a strange business.

For example, Alexander the Great teaching breakdancing. 

part 2/3

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Tue Sep 30


Magic: the Gathering - Khans of Tarikir Races


The cat-shaped demons known as rakshasa are brokers in forbidden knowledge. Long ago they sealed contracts with the leaders of the Sultai, gaining power over and warping the clan in exchange for necromantic secrets. Rakshasa wield horrifying death magic that can slaughter entire armies

The rakshasas wield the most aggressive and dangerous magic of all the Sultai. It is swirling darkness and powerful spirits of the dead. Their magic is the kind that lays waste to swaths of land or reduces an army to dust. They summon horrors and abominations that swallow cities and devour legions.

Feyomsi. This terrifying rakshasa sorcerer and necromancer dwells within the Ukud Necropolis with his group of devoted mages, most of them human. They defend the necropolis with their spells and summoned demons known as sidikur. Feyomsi is given a great amount of breadth from Sidisi, as he is the rakshasa chief in giving her dark magic.

Planeswalker’s Guide to Khans of Tarkir, Part 1
Planeswalker’s Guide to Khans of Tarkir, Part 2

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Mon Sep 29
Sun Sep 28


Tina Belcher’s numerous groans

Groovy transparent Litwick for your blog!

Groovy transparent Litwick for your blog!

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Taylor Swift being a cutie patootie in Shake It Off music video.

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